Nature's Way

Blending ancient traditions to our modern lives.  


Our path started with the idea that if a Corporation can Find Ingredients from our Earth, then so can we.  We can find the same great Ingredients and use them directly, effectively, and without waste.  We do not need to be commercialized...  We need to educate and we are here to help.


The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.
— Chinese Proverb

Start by simply gathering tools, containers and ingredients.   



  1. Consume less Toxins
  2. Produce less Trash
  3. Less Pollution 
  4. Inspire Corporations to Improve
  5. Decrease Carbon Footprint
  6. Prevent Global Climate Change
  7. Healthier - Improve Senses
  8. Save Money
  9. Become Independent
  10. Organization
  11. Save Time


Claire Williams
Herbal Cosmetologist