Guide to GO-Natural

There are many ways to plant a seed. In the end it blooms.
— c.williams

Start by simply gathering tools, containers and ingredients.



Challenge:  1month

Clean your hair naturally.  That means no shampoo.

How you may ask?

Simple, with an acid rinses!

It conditions your hair and scalp, leaving a brilliant shine you produce naturally.  Your natural oils work to clean your hair whilst the acid distributes through you hair for protection.  It is that easy. 

Safe Acids:

Diluted Vinegar-  1TB + 1 CUP H2O





IF you want to remove all build up before you get started PLEASE try a gentle BAKING SODA CLEANSE (1TB + 1CUP H2O)

*if you have hard water substitute with distilled water*











  1. Consume less Toxins
  2. Produce less Trash
  3. Less Pollution 
  4. Inspire Corporations to Improve
  5. Decrease Carbon Footprint
  6. Prevent Global Climate Change
  7. Healthier - Improve Senses
  8. Save Money
  9. Become Independent
  10. Organization
  11. Save Time